I submitted my order! When can I expect my glossylicious gift to myself?

Good news – orders usually take 1-3 days to process and will arrive in 4-7 business days via DHL, FedEx, or USPS, depending on your shipping address. GlossyFinds products ship from Maryland, so it’s likely your delivery will be even faster if your shipping address is near the #OldLineState.

My delivery address is in the United States. Can the love be shared outside the US, though?

You can spread the love to Canada and Australia, as well!

Awesome! Is there a way to track my order?

Of course you can! Log into your account and check your Orders tab, or use the tracking details from the email notifying you that your order has shipped.

My order hasn’t gotten to me yet. How long does shipping take?

Typically, orders will arrive in 4-7 business day. However, during promotions, it may take up to 7-10 calendar days. Don’t worry – it’ll get there!

I’m already in love with my makeup order, but just in case I have to return it – what’s your policy?

For makeup and beauty products, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to be eligible for a refund or exchange.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in its original packaging – the same condition in which you received it – and include your receipt/proof of purchase. However, some items are automatically not returnable:

  • Samples or Prizes

  • Subscriptions or Gift Cards

  • Sale items

  • Eyelashes

If you’ve returned an item, we will email you upon receiving it, as well as when a decision has been made to either approve or reject your refund. Even if we’re declined a refund, you’ll still receive store credit for the cost of your item(s)!

If your item is damaged or defective and you’re still craving it, contact us at CustomerService@GlossyFinds.com and we can talk about exchanging it!

Hmm, you didn’t mention hair extensions. Is there a separate return policy for them?

Astute observation, GlossyGirl – there is! Just like makeup and beauty products, hair extensions should also be returned in their original condition.  However, because our hair extensions are a hot commodity, we request that you send your items back within one week (7 calendar days). You will be responsible for paying return shipping and, if exchanging (not returning), an additional 15% restocking fee.

Sounds good to me! Speaking of hair extensions, how authentic are they?

Don’t you worry, GlossyGirl – our hair extensions are made of 100% virgin hair. Some companies mix synthetic and/or animal hair into their extensions, but with GlossyFinds, you know you’re getting pure, unfiltered glam!

Where would I send my returns or exchanges

We hope you won’t need to return anything, but if you do, use this return address:

            4805 Addison Rd

            Suite 201

            Capitol Heights, MD 20743

What if I still have questions? #amiaskingtoomanyquestions???

Never too many questions! Feel free to send us a message on live chat, or email CustomerService@GlossyFinds.com if you have any lingering wonderings.

What are those three things I should do again?

Get gorgeous. Get glamorous. Get GLOSSYFIED.