Hair Distributor Program

Become a GLOSSYFINDS Distributor

Join our Hair Distributor Program and reap the rewards!

Reason to partner:

  • Receive wholesale discounts + exclusive incentive discounts based on order amount
  • Marketing support on our social and marketing channels
  • Feature on our Directory page.
  • Professional promotional materials


GLOSSYFINDS Distributors are persons and Entrepreneurs with a love for the hair industry, connections in the industry, the desire to have a winning business! This opportunity is ideal for all persons who have either a Storefront, online boutiques, a large network of stylists or are just great sales people. GLOSSYFINDS Distributors are granted the right to purchase all GLOSSYFINDS Virgin Hair Collection Products (Hair Extensions, Cosmetics and Hair Care Products) in bulk at very discounted rates. GLOSSYFINDS Distributors  can wholesale the hair to salons, stylists, and consumers on location or online and MAKE MONEY.

GLOSSYFINDS Distributor Perks:

  1. A 40% discount on ALL GLOSSYFINDS purchases made online.
  2. Listing on Newsletters.
  3. REFERRALS! REFERRALS! REFERRALS! They call us… We send them to you!
  4. Social Media Badge introducing you as a GLOSSYFINDS or Distributor with your contact information posted on all of our social media platforms
  5. Posts on our Pages featuring you and distributing business and social media handles for our followers to follow you
  6. Permission to utilize all of our digital and social media marketing collateral to promote yourself as a GLOSSYFINDS Distributor.
  7. Features of you, your store or your online boutique on our Web Pages and Social Media Pages.
  8. Marketing and Branding of our store by a team of GLOSSYFINDS Ambassadors
  9. And much more…

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