GLOSSYFINDS Virgin Hair is comprised of two types of grades, Shopaholic Collection (grade 9A ) and Glamourlicious Collection (grade 10A). The higher the grade, the more fabulous the hair! Although both grades offer undeniable glam, 10A offers a little more fullness and durability (2+ years with proper care). Can you see the difference  in the image above? Awesome!


Now you can go big without ever leaving your home! Our Glamourlicious Collection gives you the best of everything – Malaysian, Cambodian, Mongolian, Peruvian, and Brazilian – so you don’t have to choose right now. Give yourself the gift of options, or save your favorite and gift the rest to your glossy friends. Either way, you’ll be glad to have luxury at your fingertips in every possible way!

We get you, shopaholics. All that spending can leave your wallet a little lonely – but that doesn’t mean you can’t shop the sales, right? Our Shoppaholic Collection – complete with Brazilian, Peruvian, and Malaysian bundles – gives you just enough silky, style-able options that you won’t even need to shop around anymore. How’s that for a good deal?